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My Personal Stimulus: $5.5 Million: Everyone Qualifies

February 13, 2009

Yes dear readers, everyone qualifies now for their own personal stimulus package. Follow a simple program that I will describe and you can insert your personal appropriation into the Porkulus Bill. Steadyjohn will receive $5,500,000.00, not a paltry 13 bucks a week. My cutlet is buried amongst varied and sundry pork within Title III, Subtitle A:

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

salaries and expenses

For an additional amount for `Salaries and Expenses’, $350,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2011: Provided, That funds shall be available to establish the State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program, as authorized by Public Law 110-385, for the development and implementation of statewide initiatives to identify and track the availability and adoption of broadband services within each State, and to develop and maintain a nationwide broadband inventory map, as authorized by section 6001 of division B of this Act.

wireless and broadband deployment grant programs

(including transfer of funds to Steadyjohn for the Steadyjohn Personal Economic Stimulus Program)

For necessary and unnecessary expenses related to the Wireless and Broadband Deployment Grant Programs established by section 6002 of division B of this Act, $2,825,000,000, of which $1,000,000,000 shall be for Wireless Deployment Grants and $1,825,000,000 shall be for Broadband Deployment Grants: Provided, That an additional $5,500,000 shall be paid directly to Steadyjohn in the form of subsidized loans that do not require repayment. Provided Further, That the funds be used by Steadyjohn to Take Care of Business or for whatever. Provided Even Further, That Steadyjohn will receive free Aretha Franklin tickets for life. Provided Even Further Still, That Steadyjohn shall be treated as a cabinet-level appointment for the purpose of income tax reporting, and therefore no taxes shall be paid on any of the aformentioned benefits. And one more thing: Chris Dodd is hereby expelled from Congress, effective immediately upon enactment.

digital-to-analog converter box program

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, and in addition to amounts otherwise provided in any other Act, for costs associated with the Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Program, $650,000,000, to be available until September 30, 2009: Provided, That these funds shall be available for coupons and related activities, including but not limited to education, consumer support and outreach, as deemed appropriate and necessary to ensure a timely conversion of analog to digital television.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

scientific and technical research and services

You may have noticed that Steadyjohn additionally is given a free pass on taxes, Aretha Franklin tickets for life, and the assurance that Senator Chris Dodd will be banished. Here’s what you do to get on the gravy train: Click here for full instructions; that’s all there is to it!

h/t Radio Vice Online

Get Your Personal Stimulus $$$


McCain on Fire in Waukesha: Names the Names

October 9, 2008

The financial meltdown is directly traceable to Democrats starting with Carter and continuing through the Clinton years and lately engineered and enhanced through the efforts in Congress of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank with their accomplices at Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. 5 million illegal immigrants received mortgages without having to show valid SS#, proof of identity or financial means. The Democrats resisted every effort to clean up the sub-prime mortgage mess. John McCain and others warned of the danger posed by the blatant social engineering policies at Fannie Mae where the books were cooked to show success and progress when there was, in fact, little or none. The false showing of progress allowed Raines, CEO from 1999 to 2004, to walk away with $100 million in bonus before FM’s collapse. Incidentally a report out today notes Raines just bought a $5 million penthouse with his loot.

The reason the recent debate was so boring was because of the question filter named Tom Brokaw. That’s why there was not a question about Obama’s vote for infanticide, about Supreme Court justices, or about Sen. Obama’s radical associates.

Sen McCain is on fire today in Waukesha WI; he finally names names of those responsible for the financial debacle. A realtor in the audience asked, “will you assure us as President you will investigate, prosecute and name the names of the people actually responsible for the sub-prime meltdown….? McCain responds: “I will and it is already a matter of record that …..Obama said these sub prime loans were not a problem for him….He goes on to identify by name (Audio MP3) Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and Barney Frank! Barney Frank said in ‘03, “I must say…..I don’t see any financial crisis…you could always make things better….but I do think we should dispel the notion that something rotten is going on….”

All the talk of a probable Democrat landslide is B.S. Obama has been unable to close the deal and the Dems are scared silly. They expected Obie to be way ahead at this point and the race remains close with three plus weeks to election day. Democrat advisor James Carville typified this fear with his comment yesterday that “if Obama is ahead by five points on election day and still loses… will be very traumatic! Whoa, is he predicting riots? With McCain on fire and Palin her usual smart and engaging self the outlook is for the race to narrow in the coming days.

Congratulations, Chris Dodd. You Saved Bigtime….

June 20, 2008

Wow, you saved $75000 thanks to your buddies at Countrywide!

h/t Freedom Talk

Also see Dodd Tops Lender’s Contributions List (Hartford Courant)

Dodd also behind a huge privacy invasion and money grab hidden in his Senate Housing Bill:

Washington, DC – Hidden deep in Senator Christopher Dodd’s 630-page Senate housing legislation is a sweeping provision that affects the privacy and operation of nearly all of America’s small businesses. The provision, which was added by the bill’s managers without debate this week, would require the nation’s payment systems to track, aggregate, and report information on nearly every electronic transaction to the federal government.

Also see: Credit Card Tracking Slipped into Housing Bill (Hartford Courant)

h/t CT Local Politics