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The McClellans, Father and Son: Selling the Story….

May 28, 2008

Former Bush White House press secretary Scott McClellan follows in dad Barr McClellan’s footsteps with yet another dredging of the presidential politics depths. Barr McClellan failed miserably in his attempt to pin the JFK assassination on LBJ. Published by the obscure Hanover House, the book, Blood, Money, and Power drew severe criticism and its message fell on deaf ears. Scott McClellan’s book, the just out What Happened…?, is another matter entirely as it feeds into the blood thirst of the rabid anti-Bush folks, increasingly numerous indeed. Sure to become a major bestseller, the Scott McClellan book seems transparently to follow Dad McClellan’s scandalmongering ways. Whereas Blood, Money, and Power failed utterly, What Happened? seems likely to payoff big time for Scott the Snitch.