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CT Sec of State Errs: Hawaii Officials Did Not Verify Obama Birthplace

November 29, 2008

Below is a partial screen shot of a letter sent by Connecticut Secretary of State Bysiewicz to a person requesting information under Freedom of Information laws. Requested was information on file regarding Barack Obama’s place of birth. Sec. Bysiewicz replied that her office did not maintain files containing such information and further stated, incorrectly as it turns out, that Hawaiian officials had issued assurances that Obama was born there. In fact, they said only that Hawaii Health Department had an original Certificate of Live Birth on file. Most importantly they did not specify what the document says. Under Hawaiian law at the time of Obama’s birth, a person born overseas could be registered at some later date to obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate.
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Below is reproduced the document wherby Barack Obama announced his presidential candidacy in Rhode Island. Title 17-23-17 of Rhode Island code reads in part:

(a) Any person is guilty of a felony who:

(1) Makes a declaration of candidacy or obtains, circulates, or causes to be circulated his or her nomination papers for an office, knowing or with good reason to know that he or she is not qualified as provided in this title to be his or her party’s candidate for the office;

(2) Knowingly or without reasonable and proper investigation makes any substantial misstatement in any declaration of candidacy, nomination paper, or affidavit provided for in this title;

(3) Signs a nomination paper when he or she knows that he or she is not qualified to sign;

(link to PDF

On this form Barack Obama “declares that he is eligible under the laws and Constitution of The United States to serve in the Office of The Presidnet of The United States if elected…”

CT SecState Susan Bysiewicz

CT SecState Susan Bysiewicz

Hillary Bloodied, Battles ON….

May 12, 2008

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Dem Dems Debate….

February 1, 2008

I wasted 90 (I didn’t watch the entire 2 hours) minutes of my life last night watching the Democrat candidates Obama and Clinton discuss the issues. I would not characterize this as a debate because they are so alike on most of the issues; lovey-dovey, two peas in a pod. It appears that the gloves are back on and that the only question remaining is will the ticket be Clinton/Obams or Obama/Clinton. Personally, I don’t think Clinton would ever consent to 2nd billing.

Whom Would You Not Vote For?

October 22, 2007

Not surprisingly the answer is Mrs. Clinton!  A new Zogby poll finds that half of Americans would never vote for Mrs. Clinton for U.S. President.

While she is winning wide support in nationwide samples among Democrats in the race for their party�s presidential nomination, half of likely voters nationwide said they would never vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new Zogby Interactive poll shows.

The question posed was:

Whom would you NEVER vote for for President of the U.S.?

Obama, Huckabee, and Richardson fared somewhat better at 37%, 35%, and 34% respectively. An odd question indeed but it does expose the national dissatisfaction with Mrs. Clinton, especially among older voters.

Source: NewsMax

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