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It’s All About the Teeth: Becoming Long in the Tooth, Etc.

July 12, 2012

Unfortunately for many when one is said to be “long in the tooth” that person is often short of tooth, or teeth to be more precise. And, as you age it is often the case that replacements must be had for teeth that have been cast or extracted. I suspect that in time science will have figured a way for humans to grow new teeth just as we did as youngsters when we cast off our baby teeth.

But for now I for one must deal with the process of obtaining artificial replacement teeth; i.e. dentures. Some people fall for the lure of the single day total extraction and instant dentures approach. Perhaps my dentist is old school but he says the instant procedure is fraught with fitting problems down the road. So for me it is out with the old and several weeks sans teeth until proper new ones are made.

I asked my youngish, but never the less old school, dentist what was done with the extracted teeth. Do people ever want to save them? I asked because I had read about ancient customs of people saving their cast or removed teeth (more about this below), even being buried with them. He said that he had heard of that custom in his country (somewhere in Latin America, I forgot to ask where). Anyway, he went on to say that extracted teeth must handled as hazardous medical waste. Given today’s price of gold I suspect some patients would like to recover the precious metal to offset their dental bills!

Old superstitions and customs regarding teeth:

Although it was “unlucky to count your teeth,” according to Sidney Addy’s Folk Tales and Superstitions (1895), it was also “the custom in Derbyshire for people to preserve their teeth in jars until their deaths, after which the teeth were put into their coffins and buried with them. Mothers would also preserve the teeth of their infant children and keep them in jars. It is said that when you go to Heaven you will have to account for all the teeth that you have upon the earth. A man said that his grandmother used to call out at a funeral, Have you got his teeth in the coffin?”

Vance Randolph’s Ozark Superstitions (1947) pointed out that astrological signs determined when locals’ teeth were pulled, “even when they were in considerable pain. Hillfolk generally agree that . . . extractions go best in Aquarius or Pisces [and] old-timers say that it is better to pull a tooth in the morning than in the afternoon no matter what constellation the mouth’s in.”

In Folklore Notes on the Folk-Lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders (1879), William Henderson offered a curious superstition involving childhood tooth loss: “My Sussex correspondent tells me of a young woman of that county who remonstrated against throwing away children’s cast-teeth, declaring that, should they be found and gnawed by any animal, the child’s new tooth would be like one of that animal. In proof of her assertion, she used to cite a certain old Master Simmons, who had a very large pig’s tooth in his upper jaw, the sad consequence of his mother having by accident thrown one of his cast cast-teeth into the hog trough.”

Source: Courtesy of  author Jeffrey Kacirk who compiles the “Forgotten English” day calendars and has written several books about the English language and peculiar words in the lexicon.

So You Thought Standing to Nurse Was Only for Baby Hoofed Mammals!

May 11, 2012

Does Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover go too far?

Read more here…

 Following the Time Magazine controversy comes this brilliant parody courtesy of Rush Limbaugh’s staff:


Treasure Trove of Street Photographs: The Vivian Maier Collection

January 12, 2011

A young Chicago man, John Maloof purchased several years ago a bin of photographic negatives at a storage locker auction. After several years of research, and more purchases from others, he was able to attach a name and a brief biography to the hundreds of thousand negatives and undeveloped film rolls. That name; Vivian Maier (1926-2009) who lived and worked in Chicago as a nanny and spent her spare time photographing on the streets of that city.

So much more about Vivan Maier’s work needs to be uncovered. John Maloof estimates, to his admittedly unprofessional eye, that 1 in 10 of the photographs are really very worth while. There are perhaps 20,000 or so images that he has not yet seen. Read much more about this amazing discovery here (U.K. Independent), here (NY Times), here (video)and here (Maloof’s blog).

This is one of many self portraits in the Maloof archives.


January 26, 2009



Guess what folks! We are now having to deal with the latest inane acronym: FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States). POTUS was bad enough, although I confess to having used that one a lot for convenience. Then came the made-up Office of the President Elect (OPE), this should actually reflect that there is not such office (NOPE). This was followed shortly thereafter by the made-up holiday (KWANZAA).

FLOTUS, hardly a flattering term, came to my attention by way of a posting by The Politico’s Nia-Malika Henderson today reporting the displeasure being expressed by certain fashion designers of color that FLOTUS was not wearing their precious designs.The Black Artist’s Association (BAA) has notified FLOTUS of their pique in a letter to the FLOTUS office. BAA Cofounder Amnau Eele told Women’s Wear Daily (WWD):

It’s fine and good if you want to be all ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘We Are the World’ by representing all different countries. But if you are going to have Isabel Toledo do the inauguration dress, and Jason Wu do the evening gown, why not have Kevan Hall, B Michael, Stephen Burrows or any of the other black designers”


Father Michael Pfleger – Not Quite Over the Top This time

November 10, 2008

The MP3 below is an excerpt from the first post election homily at St Sabina R.C. Church (11/9/08) by Father Michael Pfleger who so disappointed Barck Obama with his Hillary Clinton tirade at Rev. Wright’s church. He gets quite carried away and the parishioners love it. He says that along with Oprah (and Louis Farrakhan for that matter) he is now freed to re-enter the fray with Barack Obama. The histrionics are amazing! (video below the audio link))

Pfleger-110908-06:42 (MP3)

h/t Michelle Malkin

He’s Experienced:Prez Internship for Obie in Spain!

November 9, 2008

Poof on all the silly talk about Barack Obama’s inexperience. Here is a report on his internship with the president of Spain. He did well according to the Spanish folks and comes highly recommended!

Now consider the post-election trauma suffered by millions of Obamabots with nothing left to do.


Obama’s Subtle Hustle, Smooth as Mother’s Butter

October 13, 2008

“In the Name of Obama, Amen!

“I Will Follow Him”: Obama as My Personal Jesus is the title of an article in the Sept 18 issue of “The Sophian”, a student run newspaper at Smith College in Northampton MA. Asst. Features Editor Maggie Mertens, who penned the piece, opens with:

Obama is my homeboy. And I’m not saying that because he’s black – I’m saying that in reference to those Urban Outfitters t-shirts from a couple years ago that said, “Jesus is my homeboy.” Yes, I just said it. Obama is my Jesus.

You can read the rest here.

More on the Obamamessiah:

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

Obama: Messiah of the Braindead


One wonders, is there any rational thought remaining on the Left? Clutch has figured out just how malleable are the Obamamaniacs. The clever lyric from their song “Subtle Hustle” is excerpted below: Subtle Hustle – Clutch MP3 1:06

Back again with a quickness, pick it up, pick it up.
Master arithmeticness, light it up, light it up.
I got the heat in both feets, snake handler’s hands.
Come back with slickness and do it all again.

My subtle hustle, smooth as mother’s butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

Now I’m the media’s darling, pick it up, pick it up.
An international phenomenon, light it up, light it up.
I cause eclipses with a wave of the hand.
Let them hang in ellipses and do it all again.

My subtle hustle, smooth as mother’s butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

I got your number. I steal your thunder.
I got your mother’s maiden name tattooed on my arm.

I drive out daemons. Can I hear an Amen?
Now say my name.
Lay hands on screaming heathens. And do it all again.

My subtle hustle, smooth as mother’s butter.
I let it ride on, I let it ride on.

Reporting From Seattle….

September 19, 2008

I am visiting my daughter in Seattle for a week or so. I’m finding the city very interesting, this is my first visit here. I will make this post mainly photographs I have taken in Seattle.

Your humble correspondent

The Larouche creeps are here!

These new troops were at the airport on their way to Ft Lewis for some additional training and then off to Iraq. Combat ready, purple pillow and all!

There is no side door!

Lots of fish in Seattle

IronMan in front of Seattle Art Museum

Seems there’s support for Barry here, who would have thunk it?

Camille Paglia: Sarah Palin = Muscular American Feminism

September 11, 2008

In her latest column at Salon the always provocative and entertaining Camille Paglia manages to trash John McCain, ridicule Barack Obama, and raise Sarah Palin to near iconic stature as the embodiment of future woman. She uses vignettes of strong women from her own family and from American history to bolster her thesis that Palin represents a new feminism, a pioneering and muscular American feminism. she writes…(emphasis added)

Palin has made the biggest step forward in feminism since Madonna channeled the dominatrix persona of high-glam Marlene Dietrich and rammed pro-sex, pro-beauty feminism down the throats of the prissy, victim-mongering, philistine feminist establishment…

Regarding a female candidate’s preparation for becoming CINC of the armed forces she says…

As a dissident feminist, I have been arguing since my arrival on the scene nearly 20 years ago that young American women aspiring to political power should be studying military history rather than taking women’s studies courses, with their rote agenda of never-ending grievances…

Paglia has particular disdain for the explosion of lies, innuendos, and slurs emanating from the left blogosphere following the McCain pick of Palin for his V.P….

Over the Labor Day weekend, with most of the big enchiladas of the major media on vacation, the vacuum was filled with a hallucinatory hurricane in the leftist blogosphere, which unleashed a grotesquely lurid series of allegations, fantasies, half-truths and outright lies about Palin. What a tacky low in American politics — which has already caused a backlash that could damage Obama’s campaign. When liberals come off as childish, raving loonies, the right wing gains. I am still waiting for substantive evidence that Sarah Palin is a dangerous extremist

On Palin’s supposed extremist views:

But what of Palin’s pro-life stand? Creationism taught in schools? Book banning? Gay conversions? The Iraq war as God’s plan? Zionism as a prelude to the apocalypse? We’ll see how these big issues shake out. Right now, I don’t believe much of what I read or hear about Palin in the media. To automatically assume that she is a religious fanatic who has embraced the most extreme ideas of her local church is exactly the kind of careless reasoning that has been unjustly applied to Barack Obama, whom the right wing is still trying to tar with the fulminating anti-American sermons of his longtime preacher, Jeremiah Wright.

Paglia reserves her harshest criticisms of the Democrats for their wishy washy views on abortion…

But the pro-life position, whether or not it is based on religious orthodoxy, is more ethically highly evolved than my own tenet of unconstrained access to abortion on demand. My argument (as in my first book, “Sexual Personae,”) has always been that nature has a master plan pushing every species toward procreation and that it is our right and even obligation as rational human beings to defy nature’s fascism. Nature herself is a mass murderer, making casual, cruel experiments and condemning 10,000 to die so that one more fit will live and thrive.

Hence I have always frankly admitted that abortion is murder, the extermination of the powerless by the powerful. Liberals for the most part have shrunk from facing the ethical consequences of their embrace of abortion, which results in the annihilation of concrete individuals and not just clumps of insensate tissue.

Organized Brawls: New Olympic Event?

July 7, 2008

Remember when informal sports, i.e. basketball, were organized with shirts vs skins? I don’t know if they do that anymore but I remember it from my high school days. Our friends in Eastern Europe have taken the idea to a whole new level with organized brawls, or row boxing, no holds barred; Kicking is OK. This activity apparently is quite widespread in Ukraine and Russia. Apparently this is a traditional rural pastime where village vs village was the Saturday night pastime; now it’s transferred to urban settings. It musts be something like the pitched battles of the ancient world only without the knives and spears. These kids don’t fool around; kicks to the downed person’s head seem routine. Interesting comments from this site :

After (or before) watching or visiting the football match, some Russian football fans like to go out, gather in groups and fight with each other. They call such fight a “mahach”, from the word “mahatsia”, which means to fight with somebody. Here are the pictures and the video of the typical fans “mahach” that took place in Rostov-On-Don. Probably this tradition goes from the ancient Slavonic fisticuffs; it was a real national fun in Ancient Russia when village met village each weekends in a row on row boxing fun.

So in modern Russia it’s not considered to be violent like a corrida (bullfight) in Spain or Boxing in USA, it’s the same like a boxing but at the same time hundreds of athletes fight on their good will. Maybe someday organized crowd row boxing would be included into Olympic Games official sports list?

New Olympic event anyone?