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Congratulations Len Suzio – No More Taxes!

February 23, 2011

Len Suzio Victory Speech - New Day for NO More taxes!

One can only hope that Suzio’s election is harbinger of reform to come. Recent developments in other states suggest that a nationwide retreat from reckless spending, unfunded mandates, and impossible entitlements is in the offing. The turnout for this election was remarkable for a special election and I imagine that taxpayer concerns here and the news from other states spurred voter participation yesterday.

Overall, Suzio had 1,627 more total votes, with 6,110 to Bruenn’s 4,483. According to Suzio camp data:

in Middlefield Suzio received 503 votes vs. Bruenn’s 307;
in Meriden, Suzio won 3,083 to Bruenn’s 2,614;
in Middletown he had 950 to Bruenn’s 871; and
in Cheshire, Suzio received a sizeable 1,574 to Bruenn’s 691.

Suzio said he felt that his win of a seat that has been in Democratic hands for so many years (36, according to the Hartford Courant) was a sign for Connecticut politicians in Hartford.

“I hope this sends a message to the governor loud and clear – no more taxes,” he said. “I think this is the beginning of a conservative revolution in Connecticut.”

See Middletown Patch for complete details and video.

Devious Dickie Blumenthal At It Again!

February 12, 2011

As if it were not enough prevarication already with his lies about Vietnam service, newly elected Connecticut junior senator Richard Blumenthal is now embellishing his contribution to Roe v Wade while clerking for Justice Blackmun. According to Juff Dunetz at Yid With Lid:
“…Senator Richard Blumenthal who, during his campaign was exposed for lying about serving in Vietnam, got caught in a brand new lie. This time he mislead people about his tenure as clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. During a press conference about Abortion rights held by Senate Democrats, Blumenthal claimed he was right in the middle of the Roe vs Wade decision which was written by Blackmun in 1973.

I’m new to the Senate but I’m not new to this battle. Since the days of Roe v. Wade, when I clerked for Justice Blackmun, as a state legislator, as attorney general, I have fought this battle.

The problem is, Blumenthal clerked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun in 1974, the year after Blackmun wrote Roe v. Wade decision, in 1973 Blumenthal was busy not being in Vietnam.” (emphasis added) Read more at Yid With Lid.