Outsourcing the Presidency: A Funny Piece!

Now that Dodd has been dispatched we can concentrate on Obowma.

Here’s an idea: outsource the Presidency!

Click here for a larger view of the funny piece below

Nation Saves Big by Outsourcing the President


Disclaimer: Received this uncredited in an email from a friend. I will gladly give credit where it is due if someone claims authorship.
Tags: outsourcing, outsourcing the presidency,obowma,barack obama,humor,political satire


4 Responses to “Outsourcing the Presidency: A Funny Piece!”

  1. ahrcanum Says:

    That is funny!

    A passing thought- you can set your posts to automatically come up onto twitter from your dashboard. saw u didn’t tweet 4 a while and u should share your words. u can of couse follow http://www.ahrcanum.com on twitter as well regards !

  2. rodeogolf Says:

    old news…much funnier with Bush…


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