The Birth Certificate Bandwagon and Pursuit of “The Noble Truth”

Some honest and responsible commentators and bloggers have been understandably reluctant to jump on the “Where’s the Birth Certificate” bandwagon out fear of being labeled cranks and nutjobs. One such person is Hasan Nurullah who blogs at Digital Publius. In a piece dated yesterday he writes, apparently inspired by the Major Stefan Cook business:

Up to and until now, I have steered clear of this whole birth certificate thing,
in an effort to set aside my credulity in believing in the overall
fishiness of all things liberal. But, when you start seeing the
bureaucratically obsessed U.S. army revoking orders without the proper
protocol being met…

For an administration touting their commitment to openness and
accountability, what is the big deal about showing a long form birth
certificate? Here in Detroit, if you lose your birth certificate, you
can go to the health department at Herman Keifer hospital, and they
will send you a new certified copy. They don’t have a health department
anywhere in the state of Hawaii if he lost his?

Never has there been a president more reticent about sharing records of the
past. It seems that his birth certificate is not the only document
unavailable for scrutiny, his records from Occidental College Columbia
University and Harvard Law have also proven difficult to obtain.

At this point, I would be reticent in believing any documents presented so
late in the game, how long does it take to forge credible documents
today? I fear that I may have to jump on the birth certificate crowds
bandwagon until the President sends a clear statement by asking
michelle to fish it out of the family safe. Lets go Mr. President ante
up, you want to play the hand before showing that you are in possession
of the stakes you need to join the game.

Also from yesterday’s news:

White House Liar-in-Chief Robert Gibbs, when questioned once again by Lester Kinsolving, continues his dissembling and obfuscation on the Obama birth certificate issue:

No, Lester, let’s finish this one. Do all of your listeners
and the listeners throughout this country the service to which any
journalist owes those listeners, and that is the pursuit of the noble truth.
And the noble truth is that the President was born in Hawaii, a state
of the United States of America. And all of this incredible
back-and-forth — I get e-mails today from people who inexplicably can
figure out very easily the White House e-mail address, and want proof
of where the President was born.

(source: Citizens against Pro-Obama Media Bias)

Imagine having to strengthen the truth by calling ones truth “noble”. Such antics point to falsehood rather than truth. Of course he could not say “honest to God truth” or something similar. That would be politically incorrect. Here’s the Audio;
more audio (Bret Baier on Fox).

And some video (Bret Baier on Fox):

When someone with Gibbs’s history of obfuscation has to qualify truth with noble I smell a lie. Another exchange between Kinsolving and Gibbs:

Kingsolving says what’s on the internet [what Gibbs referred to as barry’s birth certificate] is not a birth certificate.
Gibbs I KNOW.
End of story. He admits on the official record – in the transcript and
on video and eyewitness testimony – that he knows that useless COLB is
not a birth certificate..

Liar-in-Chief Robt. Gibbs

Liar-in-Chief Robt. Gibbs

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6 Responses to “The Birth Certificate Bandwagon and Pursuit of “The Noble Truth””

  1. themadjewess Says:

    Robert Gibbs is an ugly looking troll and a fat SOB traitor.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    OMG TMJ, you are so on the mark; I just cracked up when I saw your comment. Nice to hear from you.

  3. themadjewess Says:

    John I added you to my roll of the right wing so-called terrorists.

    IMAGINE waking up one day, and you ARE Gibbs?

    I love nothing better than to disrespect these leftist, Nazi, heathen, pagan, communist, Bolshevik, Marxist, rotten to the core, satanic, heathen scum!

    Otherwize, thanks for the GREAT Welcome!
    🙂 🙂

  4. mattie14 Says:

    Hi SteadyJohn-

    This is mattie from citizens against proobama media bias.

    In case you aren’t already aware the c-span video and transcript of this press briefing shuts off at 53:00.

    That’s two minutes before Lester got to ask his question, which as you know involved that January 24 letter to Kapiolani. The same letter that the WH has refused to comment on even though it’s on official WH stationery.

    The WH video/transcript are still full length.

    And in the July 27th briefing Helen Thomas and Lester both say “Violation of the Constitution” and it was left off both the WH and cspan transcripts.

    Where’s that noble truth?

    Sorry if you knew this already.

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