How Blows the Wind? Will the People Awaken in Time?

“In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes a Revolutionary Act.”

George Orwell

American Thinker posted a piece today titled A Wind Blows Against the Political Spectrum by Lee Cary. It begins…

Those who plot people and issues along the political spectrum of left, right, and in-between may be late to perceive a new wind blowing from outside their perspective.It blows invisibly, this wind. We can’t see it, only what it occasionally stirs up. It’s gaining velocity across the nation. When it blows hard enough, it will move The Spectrum. (read the rest of the article here)

A most interesting and perceptive comment was contributed to the post by reader Stu in SanDiego. I am printing his letter in full below. There are some other excellent comments to this article so I suggest a full reading there.

… Since the early 1900s, Americans have ceded political affairs to full-time “professional politicians,” most of whom are lawyers. These people have convinced most of us that only they can understand the complexities of government and the law – and we’ve bought into that line of B.S.! This is absolutely contrary to what the Founders intended; they expected that gov’t be the least possible, and that the elected representatives (with senators elected/appointed by state legislatures, mind you) be themselves prominent businessmen who maintained their non-political careers when Congress was not in session….

The professional politician has zero incentive to actually solve problems, and zero incentive to actually look out for the best interests of the country. In fact the incentives are quite the contrary, i.e., to create crises that “justify” the existence of political class. The professional Democrats have learned this lesson the best, with the ’08 elections being a case in point. And of course the Democrats would be delighted to see a new third party for ’10 and ’12 that would split the conservative vote. The only way to “right the ship” is for average people to challenge the professional politicians in every instance. It needs to be shown that average people (preferably people with real-world business experience) can serve as or more effectively than those who’ve been in Congress for decades. People from the silent majority (who are by nature conservative) need to put aside their personal careers to serve the country as we have always done in times of crisis.

Look, it’s the current political class who got us into the present predicament: the “Compassionate Conservative in the WH” supported by other big gov’t Republicans in Congress ’00-’06 and the spend-thrift Socialist Democrats who undermine national security and will practice their well-honed financial bankruptcy at the federal level if we let them (having mastered it at the state and local level for the past 40 years). We need articulate principled conservatives who can challenge the very premises of the Left to step forward and run for office in ’10. They need to ignore polls which have been used by the Democrat Party to manage elections and create public opinion for years now.

It’s all about leadership; principled, articulate conservatives can move the polls that count – at the ballot box! Toss out the political class, get rid of the professional politicians and their paid consultants, and support people who talk common sense. Lawyers are paid to slice and dice words and shade the law to their clients’ advantage; in short, they’re practiced liars.

Enough ranting, but forget about third parties. If anything, Republicans need to toss out the moderates and recapture those who left to joint the US Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party. In short, consolidate conservatives into a single organized force to counter the forces of socialism. Either that, or get used to Democrat hegemony in American politics for a generation.

Or, how about this comment from reader Dave in Oklahoma:

…Yes the wind is blowing and every day it’s speed will increase until it reaches a category V at which time something happens. What that something will be no one knows nor can anyone guess. All I can hope for is a greater nation closer to that which our founding fathers gave us. I hope that the states can regain their proper place and push the federal government back to where it belongs. I worry that it will not come about by a peaceful means and that worries me greatly. I’m afraid, very afraid but when I look in the mirror I see the wind blowing.

Nate in TX writes:

Lee, I think that wind you hear blowing is the coming of WAR. Whether it will be another U.S. Civil War or WWIII, I don’t know, but I do not foresee any resolution to our current problems absent bloodshed. The cost of socialism/communism is ultimately death, and we will only return to conservative principles when enough people lose their lives to the left’s tyrannical schemes.

Those are dire predictions and we all hope it doesn’t come to bloodshed. Awaken people!

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind

Hosea 8:7

Wake Up America!

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2 Responses to “How Blows the Wind? Will the People Awaken in Time?”

  1. themadjewess Says:

    When America stops thinking its about MONEY. Thats when we will wake up. It has ALREADY hit us in the pocket, and still no ‘blowing of the winds’
    It is our life that is being destroyed.

    BTW: I know the Obamas naked mother wasnt news, but It WAS new news to me. It really doesn’t matter though, does it? The govt media refuses to ever report the TRUTH.

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