Connecticut Democrats: April Fools

Glenn Beck KO’s AG Richard Blumenthal: Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal cannot come up with a law broken by the recipients of the AIG bonuses. The more Glenn Beck persists the more befuddled the AG becomes:

….it gets better!

Meanwhile,Connecticut GOP Chairman Chris Healy has this to say at Everyday Republican blog:

Monday was a real treat for those who have long waited for someone from the media class to take Dick Blumenthal apart and reveal him for his duplciitous actions in general and attacks on AIG in particular. Fox News host Glen Beck, whose show in the the 5:00 EST slot has long been a media graveyard, has been receiving high ratings since taking the spot. One reason is Beck’s direct, entertaining style which cuts right to the chase….(read the rest here)

In a press release issued today Healy points out the April Foolishness of many democrat legislators:

Democratic Jokesters Waste Time on Silly Bills

HARTFORD – While the state budget deficit grows to over $7 billion, Connecticut Democrats have wasted precious time on an assortment of April Fool’s legislation that should leave every citizen saying, “you are joking!” according to Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy Wednesday.
“Despite the serious times, Democrats are making a mockery out of lawmaking,” said Healy. “Rather than getting down to managing a budget and making Connecticut competitive economically, they continue to sanction silly proposals that are a waste of time and tax dollars.”

Healy said many of the bills arose through the Government Elections and Administration and the Environment Committees, and are “an example of why Connecticut should never have a full-time legislature.”

Some of the April Fool gems this year include..
An Act Concerning the Force Feeding of Birds, offered by State Rep. Dianna Urban, D-Stonington, who wants to outlaw the practice of fattening up foul which “produce food items,” which means she is off eggs.

Rep. Urban has once again teamed up with seven other Democratic lawmakers to protect the symbol of the Republican Party – the elephant – with the perennial anti-bull hook bill, which was prompted by a visit to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus.

Seems that Rep. Urban has done a lot of studying on how to motivate a pachyderm and she has concluded it can be moved along with Joint Favorable Resolution. It is a sure bet that if that bill passes, the circus will not have their parade of the elephants through the streets of Hartford ever again. But, you can always polka!

Committee Bill 5385, raised by State Sen. Joe Crisco, D-Woodbridge and State Rep. Linda Gentile, D-Derby, would designate the Ballroom Polka as the official polka in the state of the Connecticut.

When the music stops and the polka dress is washed, it can be hung out to dry without fear of retribution by a landlord. A Environment bill goes into explicit detail on how anyone can put their boxers and other garb on the line using, “direct solar energy” also known as – the sun.

However there is an exception, if the landlord or condo association offers drying racks which don’t use to electricity or heat to move the process along. We kid you not.

Democratic legislators are always trying to make Americans feel bad about every bad turn in our history, which usually includes slavery, Japanese interment and of course, the Witch Trials of the 17th century.

State Sen. Paul Doyle, D-Wethersfield, has proposed a law that denounces the witch trials and asks that no disgrace fall on their heirs. How that will actually work would depend on some great-great-great grandchild coming forward with tales of mental anguish and hours of therapy.

Not to be outdone in the apology sweepstakes, State Rep. Ken Green, D-Hartford, has offered a resolution asking for the Connecticut Legislature to apologize for slavery and to recommit our citizens to the virtues of the Declaration of Independence.

The resolution notes many of the benchmarks of slavery except noting who ended it and gave his life to preserve the Union – Abraham Lincoln – and the many Connecticut soldiers who died fighting for the freedom of man. Hopefully, Rep. Green will be attedance, since he has one of the worst attendance record in the chamber.

The good news is that at least one Democrat wants to honor someone noted for being a positive part of our history.

State Rep. Carlo Leone, D-Stamford, has a bill in to commemorate the life of Thomas Paine, the author of “Common Sense.”

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck


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