WOW! HuffPo Publishes Gore Debunking….


Love that word-“debunking”; the act of discrediting and exposing claims as being false, exaggerated or pretentious. The term debunk originated in 1923, when American novelist William Woodward (1874-1950) used it to mean to “take the bunk out of things.” Anyway, I digress. The news is that The Huffington Post, affectionately known as Puff Host, has actually published a piece anti the climate change alarmism. An essay by Austin TX based writer and musician Harold Ambler thrashing, and trashing, the Goracle’s Global Warming Theories appeared on HuffPo yesterday. Ambler writes: (excerpts)

Mr. Gore has stated, regarding climate change, that “the science is in.” Well, he is absolutely right about that, except for one tiny thing. It is the biggest whopper ever sold to the public in the history of humankind….the expression “climate change” itself is a redundancy, and contains a lie. Climate has always changed, and always will. There has been no stable period of climate during the Holocene, our own climatic era, which began with the end of the last ice age 12,000 years ago….One last thought on the expression “climate change”: It is a retreat from the earlier expression used by alarmists, “man made global warming,” which was more easily debunked. There are people in Mr. Gore’s camp who now use instances of cold temperatures to prove the existence of “climate change,” which is absurd, obscene, even…

Ambler was just getting warmed up. He proceeds to demolish the Algore theory about CO2 and temperature increase with the, by now, well established fact that temperature rise precedes CO2 rise by 800 years.In conclusion Ambler emphasizes what others have noted, that the most important influence on our climate is our Sun, not anything we do. About sunspots and cosmic rays Ambler says:

The number of sunspots for 2008 was the second lowest of any year since 1901. That matters…. because of a process best described by the Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark in his complex, but elegant, work The Chilling Stars. In the book, the modern Galileo, for he is nothing less, establishes that cosmic rays from deep space seed clouds over Earth’s oceans. Regulating the number of cosmic rays reaching Earth’s atmosphere is the solar wind; when it is strong, we get fewer cosmic rays. When it is weak, we get more. As NASA has corroborated, the number of cosmic rays passing through our atmosphere is at the maximum level since measurements have been taken, and show no signs of diminishing. The result: the seeding of what some have taken to calling “Svensmark clouds,” low dense clouds, principally over the oceans, that reflect sunlight back to space before it can have its warming effect on whatever is below…..Svensmark has proven, in the minds of most who have given his work a full hearing, that it is this very process that produced the episodes of cooling (and, inversely, warming) of our own era and past eras.

This is a long read, but a good one; highly recommended.

Also see NY Times, Jan 2,’09: In Obama’s Team, Two Camps on Climate

h/t Radio Vice Online
Gore Myths Debunked


3 Responses to “WOW! HuffPo Publishes Gore Debunking….”

  1. Huffington Post Misses the Mark - The Seminal :: Independent Media and Politics Says:

    […] WOW! HuffPo Publishes Gore Debunking […]

    • steadyjohn Says:

      Anyone who happens to visit the above linked site will see that not one point in the Ambler piece was refuted by the author at the Seminal. Labeling the essay as “widely discredited garbage” does not a refutation make.

  2. ahrcanum Says:

    Funny pix. Did you see the study released on the carbon footprint for the inauguration? It is as big as a dinosaur!

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