WROTNOWSKI v. BYSIEWICZ Moves Forward, Supplemental Brief Tomorrow

Attorney Leo C. Donofrio reports in an update this evening that the SCOTUS docket item WROTNOWSKI v. BYSIEWICZ is scheduled for conferencing among the justices on Friday Dec 12. This was submitted by Justice Scalia. Recent discoveries about President Chester A. Arthur and one of his Supreme Court appointees may have a bearing on the present case according to Donofrio. Therefore:

Tomorrow, Dec. 9 – Cort Wrotnowski will submit a supplemental brief concerning the newly discovered ineligibility of twenty-first President Chester Arthur due to his having been born as a British subject. This is relevant to the case at hand in that Justice Gray – who wrote the seminal opinion in United States v. Wong Kim Arc – was appointed by Chester Arthur.

We reported on the Arthur business yesterday (The Liar Who Became President). Donofrio’s complete update is here. He concludes his report:

Leo Donofrio will accompany Cort Wrotnowski to Washington D.C. tomorrow and both will be available for comment at 11:00 AM on the steps of the Supreme Court. This is not a rally, protest or vigil. If the media would like to discuss this historical brief and the issues discussed above, Donofrio and Wrotnowski will be available to answer any questions thereto.

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2 Responses to “WROTNOWSKI v. BYSIEWICZ Moves Forward, Supplemental Brief Tomorrow”

  1. gaetano Says:

    Does this mean that Wrotnowski has a presidence ? I wish you well and hope the SCOTUS allows truth to be upheld.I still think the government is going to cover this up no matter what.

  2. Holly -newstand Says:

    We’re praying for you and of course as always the Justices.
    before these events:
    We go along thinking everything is pretty much O.K.
    Then corruption, hits us in the face like a freak storm.
    …It’s connected to other things..as was Chester’s…

    If they don’t get this right –
    There is no more America -Land of Liberty and Justice for all.
    ..no more Liberty , no more Justice, no more all.

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