Court Won’t Hear Donofrio v Wells….

This just in from Yahoo News via Drudge…

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court has turned down an emergency appeal from a New Jersey man who says President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible to be president because he was a British subject at birth.

The court did not comment on its order Monday rejecting the call by Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, N.J., to intervene in the presidential election. Donofrio says that since Obama had dual nationality at birth — his mother was American and his Kenyan father at the time was a British subject — he cannot possibly be a “natural born citizen,” one of the requirements the Constitution lists for eligibility to be president.

Donofrio also contends that two other candidates, Republican John McCain and Socialist Workers candidate Roger Calero, also are not natural-born citizens and thus ineligible to be president.

At least one other appeal over Obama’s citizenship remains at the court. Philip J. Berg of Lafayette Hill, Pa., argues that Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii as Obama says and the Hawaii secretary of state has confirmed. Berg says Obama also may be a citizen of Indonesia, where he lived as a boy. Federal courts in Pennsylvania have dismissed Berg’s lawsuit.

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4 Responses to “Court Won’t Hear Donofrio v Wells….”

  1. Joy Says:

    put that in your pipe and smoke it….ha ha

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Joy is lovin’ that Obama Kool-Aid!

  3. Wayne Says:

    I’ve added your post (link and quote) to Barry Soetoro Watch which contains a collection of posts from the internet regarding Barry Soetoro or Barrack Obama’s eligibility to be President

  4. Wow Says:

    With all of the mass media in the tank for obama, people are not reporting what actually happened today. What happened was the stay of the election, electoral college was denied….the case has not been heard yet in the original court. this is not over by a long shot.

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