The Forgotten Man: He Who Produces and Saves….

“The state cannot get a cent for any man without taking it from
some other man, and this latter must be a man who has produced
and saved it. This latter is the Forgotten Man.”

William Graham Sumner

Almost 100 years ago, economist William Graham Sumner aptly described the way a big government philosophy – the same philosophy Barack Obama espouses today – treats the productive American worker, calling him the “Forgotten Man.”

Well, recently Americans learned about one of those Forgotten Men – Joe the Plumber. And Joe the Plumber helped us all see what an Obama White House will mean for working Americans.

When Joe confronted Senator Obama on the campaign trail with the question of what would happen to his taxes under an Obama Administration should he realize his dream of owning his own business, Joe cast the decision that faces us in this election in stark relief.

Which is better for our economy: Politicians redistributing our wealth or growing more wealth?

And Senator Obama gave us an equally stark answer: Under his leadership, America will focus on “spreading around” the Forgotten Man’s wealth, not encouraging him to create more of it.

So while Obama claims he will cut taxes for 95% of working families, what he really plans is to take more money from the Americans who already pay the great majority of income taxes and “spread the wealth” to many who don’t even pay taxes to begin with in the form of a government check.

The Barack Obama Democrats may think it’s their right to redistribute wealth, but it surely isn’t the view of the average American worker, and it’s clearly wrong.

We know that government should focus on creating the economic conditions that will allow all Americans to prosper, not to try and redistribute wealth more evenly among Americans. We also know that the way for America to prosper is to leave Americans with more of their income, allowing them to do what they do best — create the businesses, jobs, and opportunities that drive our vast economy.

Joe the Plumber has struck a chord because he reminds us (and should remind politicians in Washington) that government, no matter how well intentioned, has to be paid for, and that money comes from guys like Joe. Politicians can either bleed him dry to fund their programs, or they can encourage Americans to create more jobs and more wealth – and keep government limited and effective.

That’s the choice we face in this election.

(received 11/02 in an email from Newt Gingrich)


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3 Responses to “The Forgotten Man: He Who Produces and Saves….”

  1. sfokc6125 Says:

    Wake up . Obama is only out for Obama. We dont vote for an anti Americans. Obama is an ANTI AMERICAN COMMUNIST SELL OUT. He wants ALL African Americans to believe you are the underclass.When you apply for a home loan do the banks care about the color of your skin? NO they only care on how much you can get a loan for, This is based on your credit score. I know I refinanced my home and the company that got it done NEVER SAW ME ALL BY PHONE AND FAX. Dont let him put this GREAT NATION DOWN .WE ARE AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE. NOT ANYONE COLOR OR RACE. NOT ANYONE RELIGION . BUT ONE AMERICA.

    You DONT RAISE TAXES WHEN THE DOLLAR IS DOWN . YOU DONT CUT THE FUNDS TO THE ARMED SERVICES WHEN THEY ARE ON THE BATTLE FIELD. And that is what he wants . Seeing he has never put his life in the line of fire saying I WILL DEFEND MY COUNTRY WITH MY LIFE. THAT IS WHAT AMERICAN PATRIOT IS . He wants to give the hard working AMERICANS MONEY TO THOSE THAT WANT TO SAY I JUST CANT DO IT. BLACK OR WHITE . WE ALL WORK HARD AND WE ALL PAY OUR TAXES. ITS NOT RACE ITS HOW HARD YOU WORK. He see him self as a new JFK. Thats odd Ask not what your country can do for you , But what you can do for your country. That means smaller government less pointless programs less taxes. More accountability to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. That is John McCains plan. Less in taxes less in Government spending . MORE POWER TO THE COUNRTY. WAKE UP LOOK WHAT THE CRAP THE ANTI AMERICAN IS SELLING.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Thank you for commenting!

  3. ngoldfarb Says:



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