The Left: Unhinged by the Tinge (Insane Rage)

The tinge of racism, that is. Ever since that A.P. reporter attributed “racial tinge” to Palin’s mentioning of Obama “palling around with terrorists”, the Left has been tripping over themselves to accuse McCain/Palin of injecting “vigillantism” “racism”, and “mob incitement” into the campaign. Frank Rich of NY Times and Dana Milbank of WaPo are particularly exercised. Paul Krugman predictably gets on board with his description of “the insane rage…visible in the right-wing media”. Also see Michell Malkin’s piece today for her take on this unhingement.The humorous illustration below is from NY Times today accompanying the Frank Rich column.


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15 Responses to “The Left: Unhinged by the Tinge (Insane Rage)”

  1. ac Says:

    Please help stop the hate. Sign the petition to end incitement to violence by McCain/Palin.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Your petition is absurd. None of the people that you mention are inciting violence in way, shape , or form. Furthermore, it’s not certain that Obama is a Christian. and there are even unresolved questions concerning his place of birth. Plus, his policies which require drastic redistribution of income, are by definition, socialist.

  3. M Rudd Says:

    John McCain condemns Bill Ayers for his bombings, yet John McCain bombed innocent civilians 23 times!

  4. steadyjohn Says:

    How absurd; conflating McCain’s combat missions with the operations of a domestic terrorist.

  5. Haha Says:

    Haha what is this shit? Is this even a serious site? Is this what political “awareness” looks like in the US?

    No fucking wonder the working class is all to hell over therere. Obama’s policies are not socialist by definition. He is a rightwing politician who just noticed that capitalism is eating itself up unless you regulate it, not much different from Roosevelt, for example.

    None of his policies are socialist, even if they maybe are blamed for it over there. It’s just stupid, ignorant and really shows what plutocracy/idiocracy we’re living in.

    • steadyjohn Says:

      It seems “HaHa” is not familiar with the theories of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and, most of all, Saul Alinsky, whose organizing principles and techniques Obama has learnt well. The Obama method may not be “socialism” by your definition but his move toward total control, if not checked, means the end of;American liberty; that foundational idea so admired by most of the world.

      Margaret Thatcher once said that America is the only nation in the world “built upon an idea.” This idea–liberty--has transcended geography and ethnicity to shape American identity and to inspire political discourse, both domestic and foreign, since the nation’s founding.

      Source: Heritage Foundation

  6. Haha Says:

    First of all, I’m very familiar with the theories of both marx and lenin. Stalin allthough didn’t really leave behind him many theoretical scriptures, so that dictator I will never claim to understand.
    I have studied marxism, as it is only a economical science. So please, don’t try to drop names.

    Second of all. Socialism has nothing to do with total control, in fact it has nothing to do with having a strong goverment(or a government what so ever). I guess you must be really familiar with socialism. (Please understand that was sarcastic.)

    Third of all. Liberty is beloved by all people, and especially those without it. Allthough “american liberty” I can hardly see to be beloved by “most of the world”, or even its own citizens. But that’s another story.
    And it doesn’t make any sence why you bring up some quote from an openly idiotic, far right-wing and superconversative site. Especially since it has no value at all, because it isn’t based on any facts.

    I can’t see how unemployment and poverty is freedom. I don’t see any other society than a class-less one to sucessfully ensure freedom. And I absolutely can’t see how it’s freedom when the people who produce everything only see it to be taken away from them. The people who work every day on buldingsites, in factories, cleaning our streets and by doing so produce ALL value in this world has nothing to say about how production should be run, and they absolutely don’t get more than a shitty wage. Why hasn’t the class that produces everything ownership over the means of production?

    Instead, we have a system where only a handful of people claims to be owning all means of production using it only to their best interests instead of the interest of the community as whole.

    It’s time to face the truth. We are spending our best times in a place we hate, under bosses that sickens us and for a wage that’s just to damn low. With all progress we have made, and all progress we could make, we are spending more and more time working. Despite that, we are working more than ever before, suffering from big loans that has to be payed and instead of dividing the time each person has to work, the unemploymentlevels are higher than ever before.

    Yeah, I want liberty. And I want it fucking now, and the only way to get there is by elevating the conciousness of the working class. We need to unite, stand strong and organize. Without us, no single wheel would turn.

  7. steadyjohn Says:

    Ha Ha: Do you have a job? Have you ever gotten a job from a poor man?

  8. Haha Says:

    Nope, it’s because the poor man works while the rich ones have so much money they don’t have to. In fact, they have so much capital they are able to survive solely on the work of others. Because they are holding the means of production, giving the poor man no choice but to sell his labour to this “hero of society”.

  9. Haha Says:

    Oh, how rude of me. Thank you for that in-depht reply to what I wrote. Just glorious.

  10. steadyjohn Says:

    Actually, no depth required; my reply quite neatly disposed of your pathetic 19th century Marxian fantasies of class struggle.

  11. Haha Says:

    Actually, I never mentioned class-struggle. And by the way, it’s called “Marxist” not marxian.

    Your reply didn’t dispose or answer ANYTHING. That’s the truth, and I guess you are just to trapped in your own world to understand that. It didn’t answer either the long or the short following comment. Please, do you think anyone will take you seriously?

  12. steadyjohn Says:

    Marxian, Schmarxian; Marxist and Marxian mean the same thing. Look it up! I think folks would take me much more seriously than you, HaHa. Look, I don’t know what kind of anti-capitalist struggle you are advocating there being all sorts of schemes out there. The fact of the matter is Liberty and Capitalism go hand in hand; Capitalism is the engine of Democracy. Socialism, Syndicalism, Anarchism, Communism et al: all consigned to the “dust bin of history”. They don’t work, never have, never will.

  13. Haha Says:

    Marxist is the correct and widely used word. Look it up.

    Okay, so you think someone will take a person who just ignores arguments and hoping for the best. A person who spits out stuff like “The fact of the matter is Liberty and Capitalism go hand in hand; Capitalism is the engine of Democracy” with no argument or fact behind it. Exactly what you did with your recent comment. It’s clear that yo

    Communism has never existed, as communism is no ideology(as I have explained to you before) but a condition in a society where no classes exists and there is no state. Ofcourse, you dogs talk about how communism is the same as Stalinism. Yoiu make it clear in every comment that you’re highly ignorant.

    Ofcourse, you would say that Sovjet was communist. Or that North Korea is a “communist paradise”. You can only say this, because you hear what you want to hear, not because you know why. Anyone with a simple education in economics can clearly see that that wasn’t the case. Even if a government, who practices state-capitalism, says in their propaganda that everyone there lives in a communist paradise it wouldn’t be true because of that. I don’t expect someone like you to understand it though.

    Capitalism was consigned to the dust bin of history when it first evolved, and that people will just help a dead system to finally die. Socialism is the solution for the workingclass and the solution for our planet as whole. Capitalism is bound to die, but we could make it go a little bit quicker.

  14. steadyjohn Says:

    I choose to use Marxian, so what? If Capitalism dies then Liberty dies as well. Making everyone equally poor and miserable is not my idea of human happiness. If that is your idea I pity you. Let us say that what I do not understand is you and I will not be lectured by you on Economics, Word Usage, Grammar, or, especially, a Political Theory that advocates a soul-less and total sameness human existence. I may be a “dog” but you Sir are an idiot!

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