McCain is Battle Tested!

An encouraging banner; seen at Yale yesterday hanging from second floor window at Davenport college.

McCain Battle Tested

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4 Responses to “McCain is Battle Tested!”

  1. Yoda Says:

    i’LL say he’s tested. Bottom of his class at Annapolis and lost 5 planes while a hot dog pilot.

    and he flunked the Keating Five test too.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Ha ha Yoda; nice try. I believe it was actually 3 planes, not counting the one he was shot down in. Oh, and about the Keating deal ,you need to review Dem. lawyer Bennett’s finding re McCain.
    “So, you know based on all of the evidence, I concluded that there was no violation of any Senate rules, of any laws, of any ethical standards, and that’s, you know, that’s all I can really tell you. Unfortunately, he was kept in the case, as was Senator Glenn, because the chairman of the committee at the time, Howell Heflin did not want to proceed with only Democrats”

  3. Yoda Says:

    Re Keating: Then why did he apologize and call it the worst moment of his life and begin a brief career as a reformist? But hey, that’s old news, like Bill Ayers. (Well, maybe not that old, he wasnt 8 years old)

    Re the planes- i was counting the one he was shot down in, and the one on the Enterprise. Think he ever would have got a second plane if daddy wasnt an admiral? Read this months Rolling Stone article.

    Think he even would have got into Annapolis if daddy wasnt an admiral?

    He is so much like George Bush, an incurious spoiled rich arrogant preppy loser, posing as a populist. We know how that turns out.

  4. steadyjohn Says:

    Re Keating: He apologized because of what he saw as the possible appearance of wrong doing. By his own admission he was an impetuous youth and a mediocre aviator. The rest of your comment is conjecture and opinion.

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