John McCain: Do the Right Thing-Sarah Palin for V.P.

Now that Obambi has made his choice let us all hope John McCain makes the right choice and selects Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his V.P. Sarah Palin is youthful (44), very smart, and hot. And, best of all, she’ll make Joe Biden look like the chump he really is.

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Update, 8/28/08
The Patriot Room blog says:
“If McCain picks Palin, Here’s the campaign poster that dooms Obama”.

h/t Third Base Politics


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6 Responses to “John McCain: Do the Right Thing-Sarah Palin for V.P.”

  1. harddriller Says:

    I had chosen Carly Fiorina, but Sarah Palin is very good,it would be a brilliant choice thats why it won’t happen,they are not capable of any brilliant move.It will be some ol dude they can keep in the can.

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    You’re right, they are probably incapable of a brilliant move; I think Carly would be a great choice also. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Frank G. Giordano Says:

    I plan to work for the Senator (McCain) in Maryland – What an excellent and very smart VP choice. If I were in the War Hero’s inner circle – I would have recommended a Lady as well – Govenor Palin is an awesome person. “You go Girl” and Senator McCain!

    My ‘personal goal’ is to get in with a US President so I can help develop policy and procedures that will hold Federal Managers ‘Accountable’ for their behavior toward subordinates, fellow Government employees, and above all to you all, the Taxpayer! For example, as an adjunct at Montgomery College; I’m accountable to my students and to the College or I’m ‘out-of-there’ – so what’s wrong with similar standards for Federal Managers?! Good future topic for the “Chris Plante Show.”

    I must confess as an ‘independent,’ I worked for Hillary – but she sold herself out to Obama – I do not want to support Obama. Senator McCain is a man of great integrity and humility. As a direct descendant of the ancient Greeks/Romans – I think Obama is just a bit over the top with this Greco-Roman temple idea. What’s he running for – President or Emperor?:)

    Okay, thanks for the opportunity to comment.

    Ciao, Frankie G (Giordano)

  4. steadyjohn Says:

    Thanks Frankie G for your comment and good luck with your quest.

  5. Miriam Sternaglei Says:

    What a bunch of idiots… I was voting fot McCain but no more…. Palin just continued the aerial shooting of wolves… snaring wolves on the perimeter of Denali… She and Safari Club International used up millions of dollars to launch their campaign… She wants to drill in ANWR… all that oil going to China and Japan… Remember the Alaskan Pipeline??? Japan gets that oil…. Her she is gun-totin’, overpopulationg the earth w/5 kids and ruining the environment and saying she broke the good ole boys’ network? She is a good ole boy herself.

  6. steadyjohn Says:

    Puuuulease Miriam. I find your claim that you were planning to vote for McCain incredible. Tell me please, which potential V.P. selection would have permitted you to continue with your support for John McCain?

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