Glenn Beck: Dark Knight = W

(Disclaimer: I have not seen the movie)

Blurb in an email about today’s Glenn Beck show, which I didn’t hear. Glenn apparently loved the latest Batman:

Glenn saw the movie Dark Knight this weekend and absolutely loved it. But more than that, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing: a movie with a conservative message on the war on terror. Glenn was in shock and says this movie was at times ‘orgasmic material’ for conservatives. While Glenn disagrees with President Bush on many different things, he absolutely admires and appreciates the fact that George W. Bush is willing to be hated in order to do the right thing. Glenn is confident that as time goes by, people will remember Bush as a visionary for what he has done in the war on terror.

Radio Program transcript here.

My daughter, who has seen the movie disagrees:

I would encourage anyone who thinks that “Dark Knight” is trying to make some sort of parallel between Batman and W to remember that it’s a movie based on a comic book. What makes for a great story line and engaging plot in the dark magical world of the theater does not necessarily equate to sound political decisions in the real world. Definitely not Batman, I would say W is more of a JOKER.


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