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Biden Pick Born of Fear: Palin Represents Opportunity

August 31, 2008

Reed Galen of “Mullings” has an interesting take today on the Palin-Biden picks. Here is his conclusion.

….Ultimately, campaigns are about Presidential candidates, not their running mates. But this year’s selection process illuminates how both men made their decisions. Barack Obama’s choice was one borne of fear: fear of being overshadowed by Hillary Clinton, fear of being painted as unready to be commander-in-chief and fear, ironically, of being too-different. Decisions made in that context are rarely good ones. Senator McCain’s choice of Governor Sarah Palin was borne of opportunity: the opportunity to change Washington, the opportunity to create a new political dynamic and the opportunity to make history….

Michael Moore Finds God

August 30, 2008

As if we needed additional proof that the man is a total buffoon, Michael Moore spouts this:

“I was just thinking, this (hurricane) Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven,” “To have it planned at the same time – that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican Convention, up in the Twin Cities – at the top of the Mississippi River.”

Wow, so it is planned; must have been planned by the Messiah.

This is a cool graphic; I love the fearsome burning eyes!


August 29, 2008


John McCain: Do the Right Thing-Sarah Palin for V.P.

August 27, 2008

Now that Obambi has made his choice let us all hope John McCain makes the right choice and selects Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his V.P. Sarah Palin is youthful (44), very smart, and hot. And, best of all, she’ll make Joe Biden look like the chump he really is.

h/t logo: Ethan Demme

Update, 8/28/08
The Patriot Room blog says:
“If McCain picks Palin, Here’s the campaign poster that dooms Obama”.

h/t Third Base Politics

Glenn Beck: Dark Knight = W

August 4, 2008

(Disclaimer: I have not seen the movie)

Blurb in an email about today’s Glenn Beck show, which I didn’t hear. Glenn apparently loved the latest Batman:

Glenn saw the movie Dark Knight this weekend and absolutely loved it. But more than that, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing: a movie with a conservative message on the war on terror. Glenn was in shock and says this movie was at times ‘orgasmic material’ for conservatives. While Glenn disagrees with President Bush on many different things, he absolutely admires and appreciates the fact that George W. Bush is willing to be hated in order to do the right thing. Glenn is confident that as time goes by, people will remember Bush as a visionary for what he has done in the war on terror.

Radio Program transcript here.

My daughter, who has seen the movie disagrees:

I would encourage anyone who thinks that “Dark Knight” is trying to make some sort of parallel between Batman and W to remember that it’s a movie based on a comic book. What makes for a great story line and engaging plot in the dark magical world of the theater does not necessarily equate to sound political decisions in the real world. Definitely not Batman, I would say W is more of a JOKER.

Shamobama: Obama as Shaman….

August 2, 2008

Empty Suit
“Sen. Barack Obama is charismatic. The carefully knotted ties and the dark, conservatively tailored suits only accentuate the exoticness of his shamanism; he has entered the American psyche not as a hero but as a healer.” (Michael Knox Beran; WSJ City Journal 7/30/08)

Much is made of the appellation “empty suit” when referring to Barack Obama. Although the “suit” is nearly empty when it comes to governance experience and legislative accomplishments the “suit” is full of nostrums, even panaceas for our national ills. In the above mentioned essay Beran notes:

“The country, or much of it, has longed for such a figure, a man from the once-oppressed race whose rise to power will atone for the sins of slavery and racial stigmatization. But Mr. Obama’s rhetoric encompasses more than a promise of racial healing. He is not the first politician to argue that politics can redeem us, but in posing as the Adonis who will turn winter into spring, he revives one of the more pernicious political swindles: the belief that a charismatic leader can ordain a civic happy hour and give a people a sense of community that will make them feel less bad…