Organized Brawls: New Olympic Event?

Remember when informal sports, i.e. basketball, were organized with shirts vs skins? I don’t know if they do that anymore but I remember it from my high school days. Our friends in Eastern Europe have taken the idea to a whole new level with organized brawls, or row boxing, no holds barred; Kicking is OK. This activity apparently is quite widespread in Ukraine and Russia. Apparently this is a traditional rural pastime where village vs village was the Saturday night pastime; now it’s transferred to urban settings. It musts be something like the pitched battles of the ancient world only without the knives and spears. These kids don’t fool around; kicks to the downed person’s head seem routine. Interesting comments from this site :

After (or before) watching or visiting the football match, some Russian football fans like to go out, gather in groups and fight with each other. They call such fight a “mahach”, from the word “mahatsia”, which means to fight with somebody. Here are the pictures and the video of the typical fans “mahach” that took place in Rostov-On-Don. Probably this tradition goes from the ancient Slavonic fisticuffs; it was a real national fun in Ancient Russia when village met village each weekends in a row on row boxing fun.

So in modern Russia it’s not considered to be violent like a corrida (bullfight) in Spain or Boxing in USA, it’s the same like a boxing but at the same time hundreds of athletes fight on their good will. Maybe someday organized crowd row boxing would be included into Olympic Games official sports list?

New Olympic event anyone?


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2 Responses to “Organized Brawls: New Olympic Event?”

  1. miltonluban Says:

    Hello, My name is Milton Luban and I have a blog called Boxing news and results, my link is I am contacting you to see if you would like to do a blog exchange on our Links? I thought it would be a great idea for the both of us? Contact me and let me know what you think. You can contact me directly to my personal email address at Thanks!

    • steadyjohn Says:

      Milton: I appreciate your comment and have visited your site, but I don’t follow boxing and don’t see how our blogs would benefit from your suggested exchange.

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