Barack Obama is an Elitist Punk….*


h/t graphic: Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin weighs in today on the subject of snobism….

The odor of elitism is like onion breath: It’s quick to acquire, hard to mask. Try as he might, Barack Obama cannot camouflage the political stink he exhaled when he dissed small-town Americans as “bitter” Neanderthals “clinging” to their guns, faith and belief in strict immigration enforcement. It wasn’t the first time the effete Snob-ama revealed himself.


*Barack Obama is an elitist punk. And … it will cost him….writes Rich Galen in his latest column at Mullings.

  • First of all, he has all but guaranteed Hillary will win the primary in Pennsylvania next week and, therefore, will have no reason to exit the race.
  • Second – follow me here – Republicans believe they have to win Ohio and its 20 electoral votes to win the White House. However, the GOP did so badly in Ohio in 2006 it is very much in doubt whether John McCain will be able to carry the Buckeye state in the fall.
  • Ok. McCain has to figure he’s going to have to replace those 20 electoral votes to get to the magic number of 270 to be elected President.
  • How about … Pehhhhhhhhhnsylvania!
  • Pennsylvania has 21 electoral votes. And in October and early November (assuming Obama is the Democratic nominee) I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the voters of the Keystone State were reminded with some frequency that Barack H. (!) Obama called them bitter, frustrated troglodytes.
  • The longer this Democratic primary fight goes on, the more likely it is that John McCain will be the next President of the United States.
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