Obama: The Hysteria, The Hysteria….

Obama is “The Man” women are fainting in the crowd just like when Sinatra was on stage. Today in New Hampshire a woman just fainted and last month at an Opra rally they were dropping like Flies. Edwards also has them falling.

Jim Vicevich, our Connecticut WTIC morning radio conservative talk host, notes the eerie similarity of female fainting episodes at Obama rallies. James Taranto’s “The Best of the Web Today” picks up this theme in a posting today.

“James Vicevich, a Connecticut radio talk show host, takes note of yet another creepy element of the Obama campaign.

It happened here in Hartford ….
Throughout the speech, Obama kept a close eye on the crowd. Upon hearing a small group begin chanting “We can’t wait” — a phrase Obama had just used — he pointed them out with an outstretched arm, and within seconds the entire arena was chanting the phrase in unison.
And when a woman appeared to faint in the standing-only VIP section in front of the podium, Obama paused his speech for over a minute as he directed the crowd to make way for an EMT team and tossed a bottle of water from the stage.

Update: Coincidence?:
Our morning show host Ray Dunaway pointed this out after sifting through DU. A little research and this is what I came up with. Coincidence? The Obama version of “crying”? Or am I just cynical (hard not to be these days)? There seems to be a trend at Obama rallies … women fainting. And interestingly enough the Senator responds the same way every time, almost as if … naah, couldn’t be.

The far left group Code Pink uses staged fainting as part of their bag of tricks.

Code Pink women activists are vehemently anti-war and claim to be the mothers, wives and daughters of the troops fighting in Iraq. Favorite tactics from the Code Pink bag of tricks include street theatrics, hunger strikes and staged fainting in Capitol Hill offices, and protests at campaign stops across the country — basically anything that gains media attention. They point to men as the cause of war and women as the solution. Their stated purpose is to end the “occupation in Iraq,” although their goals go beyond that. Their leadership and mission are rooted more in communist ideals than in moral objection to unjust war.

A hunger-striking Code Pink member who fainted in the office of Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) late last month will return to the Hart Senate Office Building Tuesday to resume her protest against Lieberman.

And finally; they faint for Obama but only “nearly faint” for Hillary Clinton.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — Rep. Nita Lowey was hospitalized in New
York City after nearly fainting at a suburban campaign rally for
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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15 Responses to “Obama: The Hysteria, The Hysteria….”

  1. Rigg Says:

    I am sure some of your readers would like to tell the world why they like Obama. Come over to


    and leave a message to
    the world about your reason to vote for Obama.
    I am dedicating my blog to Obama supporters.

  2. nabikhan Says:

    Is election 2008 fair if not then what happen?I am very very afrad to see these.

  3. edtajchman Says:

    If Obama leads us into a new age I would be the first one dancing at the head of the line, but there is no proof he can do this, just holes in his record that indicate he really isn’t a hands on leader. His team of spin public relations people make George Bush’s team look tame. Here’s a challenge to anyone reading this, – name 2 things he’s accomplished in his political career……….

  4. Flopping Aces » Blog Archive » » Water bottle…woman fainting…and Barack Obama: What do these three things have in common? Says:

    […] Steady Habits [?] Share This Similar Posts Tension on the Floor During Bush’s State of the Union Address […]

  5. Lori Says:

    Maybe we can end this primary with a mass deprogramming. This is really a shameful episode in American political history.

  6. mssinglemama Says:

    Crazy about the Code Pink ladies – very interesting tactic. Nearly as bad as Hillary crying.

    I have to tell you though – if I saw Obama I’d probably faint too…bottom line – he’s hot, so intelligent, elouqent and powerful – everything a woman wants in a man. And the leader this single mama is voting for.

  7. steadyjohn Says:

    “he’s hot, so intelligent, elouqent and powerful – everything a woman wants in a man.”

    But does that translate into everything a nation wants in a leader?

  8. Lori Says:

    A leader who encourages irrational, and misogynistic behavior, as Obama is doing, is not a leader that sane people want heading the powerful nation in the world. He doesn’t look that different than George Bush to me.

  9. Tom Rock Says:

    I find it interesting the the fainting woman is always in the same place, center front of the vip section next to the stage. Amd he always says the exact same thing.

    I was wondering what is Obama’s greatest accomplishment?

  10. steadyjohn Says:

    Tom Rock: I was wondering what is Obama’s greatest accomplishment?

    The answer is the flim-flam, described in my latest post:

  11. mssinglemama Says:

    Lori – I’m sane. And I want him heading the most powerful nation in the world. Although – four more years of a republican like Bush in office and we won’t be the most powerful nation in the world for much longer. Food for thought.

    And why is someone who in invoking passion and (dare I say it) hope among Americans labeled as irrational and misogynistic. Has it really come to this? That we are all buying into the spin the other politicians are praying we’ll buy into?

    And what is so wrong with rallying behind a political leader? When a leader has the support of his people more can be accomplished – bottom line. Look at Roosevelt or JFK.

    The only negatives the anti-Obama camp can find is “inexperienced” and “too hopeful.” Seriously people – wake up!!! What is wrong with this country?

  12. Kim Says:

    “And what is so wrong with rallying behind a political leader? ”

    Well. mssinglemama perhaps some HOLOCAUST VICTIMS might have an answer to that question for you.

    By the way, what favor kool-aid do you like like the best? Perhaps He will allow you to choose.

  13. edtajchman Says:

    No one has respnded to my question directly for Obama supporters, If you look above, I asked the question, name 2 things Obama has accomplished politically?,……no one has responded. I rest my case.

  14. peak9 Says:

    The Obama craze is fascinating. It’s like Beatlemania. He’s a playa and the ladies love him. I didn’t know about Code Pink, but it’s certainly possible this group is doing the fainting at Obama rallies.

    Lori is right on while mssinglemomma has got her head in the clouds. Obama will change nothing. Besides, he hasn’t won the nomination yet anyway.

    edtajchman in right. What has Obama done politically? His anti-war vote wasn’t a vote. He wasn’t in the Senate. He shies away from important votes as his Illinois voting record shows. He likes to vote “present,” not “yes” or “no.” He cops out.

    He didn’t even vote on the recent Senate amendment concerning possible attack on Iran. Nor did he vote against MoveOn.org’s ad calling General Petraeus a traitor. He can’t say “present” when faced with a nuclear attack, either on us or on Israel. He can’t make a well oiled speech. He has to be able to make tough decisions instantly. He’s not ready to be the most powerful figure in the world.

  15. Rigg Says:

    I don’t know if this blog is still active,
    but the fainting craze might be slowing.

    Obama fans are beginning to wane.
    I think that reality is hitting them in the face and
    they don’t know what to do.

    Suddenly Obama the great looks like the
    scary dreaded Politician of old.

    Now they may faint from disappointment.

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