Be Prepared….

Be Prepared!
That’s the Hillary Marching Song, Be Prepared!,
So Buck up Boys, and Don’t be Scared,
With Hillary at the Helm We’re prepared,

To Battle With the Chinks Methinks is right,
But Chief Hillary says ’tis not nice to Fight.
“So what about Iran”, the Generals say?
“We’ll have to take those Bastards on Someday”,
“No, No”, replies our Gal in Chief.
“With those Mullah boys I have no Beef,
It’s Here at Home, o’er the Fruited Plain,
We lack Diversity, that’s our Shame.
But now that I have Smashed the Glass,
That Ceiling no longer bars a Lass,
From taking Command, of All the Land,
Bush is gone, Strike up the Band!”

So Boys, Don’t be Flustered, Don’t be Nervous,
Don’t be Scared,
But Be Prepared!

( a work in progress, apologies to Tom Lehrer, )
h/t Dave G


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