Ann Coulter at CPAC (not…well sort of)

Coulter was not invited to speak at CPAC this year because of her controversial comments about John Edwards last year. However, she did manage to get a large crowd in an adjoining venue where she held forth for almost an hour with her usual aplomb and, and arguably fading, brilliance. The video (53:25) from of her appearance is below. The mostly college age audience was understandably enthralled.…7-c9955af1a2e5

About half of the appearance was devoted to Q & A which enabled the questioners to really draw her out on her opinions i.e. will she really campaign for Hillary; would she vote for McCain if Romney was on the ticket, or alternatively, if Coburn was on the ticket; would she have voted for Giuliani (“Yes, but she would lie to her friends abut it”), and much more.

A friend in another forum replies:

“She’s become a caricature of herself. The informed, opinionated, and well-researched woman has become the Republican Banshee. I’ve no use for hysterics, and I’m someone who thinks Mark Levin is a thoughtful person. But Coulter just reminds me of the reactionist retreads like Roger L. Simon who has stated that anyone in opposition to McCain has “McCain Derangement Syndrome” – in reverse, of course. Well, these sophists can go and call each other names until they run out of clever invectives. In the meantime, there are actual thoughtful people who have walked the metaphorical trenches and done far more than write weekly columns, dedicated their fortunes and their sacred honor to a certain cause, such as John Bolton, who have made far more persuasive arguments than Coulter or Simon could ever hope to make in their wildest dreams. And then, of course, there are those who have dedicated their very lives. This civi, this sheep cannot fathom doing something that would deny them their victory after so much sacrifice on my and their country’s behalf. I am convinced McCain feels the same way. To Hell with Coulter and her Party-first approach. We’ll have ample time to sort out the messy details of party politics afterwards. It will take a bit more effort on the Conservative’s part to bring the Party back in line on certain issues. I don’t think that’s too high a price to pay.”

I pretty much agree, your comments are appreciated. I think as queen of the one liner she is running out of “zing”. In these crucial and dangerous times leading up to November she will continue to prowl the college circuit arousing the Young Republicans while the serious conservatives search for ways out of the abyss.

h/t Ampdead
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