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Yes, Just Imagine B.H.Obama Stepping out of Air Force One….

February 29, 2008

Ned Lamont, remember him, touting Barry Obama:

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Candidate Must Be Natural Born….

February 28, 2008

It was inevitable I guess that the old bugaboo about John McCain’s birth in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 should resurface in the present campaign.

“No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States…”

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section I

OK, this controversy about the intent of the constitution’s framers in the phrase “natural born citizen” has been around for years but now the NY Times, no surprise, brings it up again in the contest of the McCain candidacy.

The controversy, so far never resolved, but alway hanging in the air as a possible challenge to a candidate or even an elected president, has emerged on the left with the NY Times article and on the right on various blogs opposed to the McCain nomination.

The Times article notes:

The phrase “natural born” was in early drafts of the Constitution. Scholars say notes of the Constitutional Convention give away little of the intent of the framers. Its origin may be traced to a letter from John Jay to George Washington, with Jay suggesting that to prevent foreigners from becoming commander in chief, the Constitution needed to“declare expressly” that only a natural-born citizen could be president.

Interestingly, another Arizona presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, underwent eligibility scrutiny because he was born in the Arizona Territory before it became a state in 1912. And, Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, also a presidential candidate, was born in Mexico of American parents.

Obama Unconcerned About Nader Bid….

February 24, 2008

Perennial spoiler Ralph Nader has announced he intends to enter this year’s presidential contest according to the Associated Press. Nader is scheduled on the “meet the Press” program this morning. According to The Wall Street Journal:

Barack Obama said today during a visit at the Ohio State University Medical Center that he wasn’t terribly concerned about the prospect of a Nader campaign. “I think the job of the Democratic Party is to be so compelling that a few percentage [points] of the vote going to another candidate is not going to make any difference.”

It was, however, those few percentage points of the vote which gave “W” his margin of victory in Florida in 2004. Nader is hated by many Democrats for that reason and is bound to incur their wrath this time around as well. It wasn’t all that long ago when another spoiler named Ross Perot had handed the victory to Bill Clinton in 1992. In that race Perot received 18.9% of the vote compared to Clinton’s 43%.The indefatigable Nader will be 74 in a few days.

The Green Party folks have a draft Nader movement in place and have been especially excited by a Nader candidacy since John Edwards left the race in January.

This has got to auger well for the Republicans.

Our Changing Funeral and Burial Practices (cont.)

February 18, 2008

We reported earlier (10/29/07) on ways in which American funeral and burial practices are changing to accommodate “green” concerns and the wishes of many to simplify the treatment of the deceased. Now Muslims are weighing in with concerns that their traditions and Quranic imperatives run afoul of state and local ordinances regarding funeral and burial practices. The Hartford Courant has an excellent article today about the problems facing Connecticut Muslims when dealing with their dead. The crux of the matter is aptly summarized in the following quote from the Courant:

Muslims bury their dead quickly — within 24 hours. The dead must be interred without a casket, facing the holy city of Mecca.

Before the burial, the body is washed with soap and scented water, then wrapped in a seamless cloth, tied at the head and feet. Cremation and embalming are forbidden.

But the specific burial rites meant to prepare Muslims for the afterlife are in conflict with public health codes and public cemetery regulations, forcing Muslims in the state to compromise the rituals outlined in the Quran.

The Muslim community in Connecticut is addressing the problems with caution and creativity; their intention is to adhere to local laws while obeying as closely as possible their religious laws.

Some mosques are calling for members to enter the funeral industry, while others find creative alternatives that keep with Islamic law.

“We must respect the law of the land in which we live — that’s the essence of Islam,” said Muhammed Ali, the president of the Daar-ul-Ehsaan mosque in Bristol.

A rather complete explanation of Muslim practices can be read here.

On a related note controversy has erupted in London (U.K.) about a plan to dig up 350,000 bodies in a historic cemetery to provide a “21st century burial site. Officially it would be known as a multi-faith cemetery but it is likely that it would principally answer calls for a Muslim graveyard in the largely-Asian East London borough. The Daily Mail reports (12 Oct 2007):

The local newspaper has been bombarded with letters from historians and nature lovers declaring: “There is no way we’ll allow them to dig up our ancestors.”

But the Labour-controlled council’s environment spokesman Abdal Ullah appeared to be in no doubt about the feasibility of the plan when he said: “To preserve the respect and dignity for everyone, I think most of the graves would have to be cleared out and we’d start afresh.”

He said a corner of the cemetery would be reserved for Muslims who are buried in shrouds at a depth of 6ft and on their side facing Mecca.

By law, any graves more than 75 years old can be removed.

The photo below shows part of the historic Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

More on woodland and green burials at Brookwood, England’s largest cemetery. Their website describes the cemetery:

Brookwood Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Britain and is probably the largest in Western Europe.

Situated between Woking, Guildford and Aldershot, it is located about 30 miles southwest of London, adjacent to the village of Brookwood.

The cemetery was laid out in 1854 as the London Necropolis and has been in constant use ever since.

The photograph at the top of this page is of one of several Muslim burial plots within Brookwood cemetery.

This article also appears today  as “Muslim Burial Practices vs Local Laws” at ConservaCity.

Obama Stealth and Bush Bras….

February 17, 2008

The above photo is from an aerial photo by North Carolina TV station WTVD. Depicted are Obama and Edwards at the Edwards’ home in Chapel Hill NC. The MyWay News reports:

CHICAGO (AP) – Barack Obama sneaked down to North Carolina Sunday and met with former rival John Edwards, who has yet to make an endorsement in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Officials at North Carolina television station WTVD said they have video taken from a helicopter of Obama leaving Edwards’ home in Chapel Hill. A producer said the station was “tipped off” about the meeting, but said the source was confidential.

The Obama campaign confirmed the meeting. Although reporters normally travel everywhere with Obama, he left them behind to fly down in secret from his hometown.

Of course this leads to much speculation about the Edwards candidate endorsement:

The couple has been impressed with Clinton, who has more effectively courted them since the 2004 vice presidential nominee dropped out, people who talk to the Edwardses say. Obama has been less attentive, they say, and some of those close to the Edwardses have been annoyed that Obama has continued to ridicule him for once saying his biggest weakness is that he has a powerful response to seeing pain in others.

The campaign is getting interesting, one might even say it’s heating up drastically (see the Bill Clinton photo below where he confronts an Obama supporter in Canton OH)

Meanwhile “W” is greeted with great fanfare and adulation during his trip to Africa.Reutors reports:

Beaming repeatedly during a press conference with Kikwete, (Bush) made a point of referring to his welcome on the streets, which he described as “very moving”.

Bush opened his remarks by saying “Vipi Mambo!” before turning to U.S. journalists and adding: “For the uneducated, that’s Swahili for ‘Howdy Y’all'” –a typical Texas greeting.

Kikwete told Bush: “The outpouring of warmth and affection from the people of Tanzania that you have witnessed since your arrival is a genuine reflection of what we feel towards you and towards the American people.”….

In a reference to Bush’s domestic problems, Kikwete added: “Different people may have different views about you and your administration and your legacy.

Bush was greeted on his arrival in Tanzania by women sporting “Bush Bras”!

Obama: Hysteria, Obasms and Obamania….

February 16, 2008

h/t Wonkette

The national obsession with all things Obama continues. Blogger J. Grant Swank, Jr. writes, Magic City Morning Star (2/13) :

Forget issues. He’s the man who wraps up JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mandela – for blacks and whites, particularly women and children – and the young who can vote. Mob hysteria – mob psychology – could win the November ballot for Barack Obama. There is no doubt about it. It can sweep across the nation, grow and grow and grow, until talking about the nation’s pressing matters will fly out the window….he has audiences who are thirsting for nothing but flimflam; otherwise, Obama’s groupies would not wow him as they do. They howl. They weep. The clutch. After all, they’re not constituents. They’re groupies caught up in Obamamania….He mesmerizes his listeners as a drug dealer wraps up a sale. Now that’s truly scary. It’s all smoke and mirrors, folks. It’s all senior high school president oratory in hopes of winning the election down the hall. That’s it. He’s got the music entree, then there’s the tilt to the head, the cadence in his speech, the compassion in his face, the slick lean body, the shiny white teeth, the sympathy in his voice and the assurance in his cliches. But all he’s got is a bag of tricks – snappy words like “Change” and “Unite.” That’s it. He’s a politico magician with a bag of tricks.

Beatlemania comes to mind:

Blogger mssinglemama‘s comment on my previous post tends to underscore what is going on here:

Crazy about the Code Pink ladies – very interesting tactic. Nearly as bad as Hillary crying.

I have to tell you though – if I saw Obama I’d probably faint too…bottom line – he’s hot, so intelligent, elouqent and powerful – everything a woman wants in a man. And the leader this single mama is voting for.

“Is it true that Barack’s caucus is bigger than Hillary’s?” (this is the last comment on the video)

Obama: The Hysteria, The Hysteria….

February 14, 2008

Obama is “The Man” women are fainting in the crowd just like when Sinatra was on stage. Today in New Hampshire a woman just fainted and last month at an Opra rally they were dropping like Flies. Edwards also has them falling.

Jim Vicevich, our Connecticut WTIC morning radio conservative talk host, notes the eerie similarity of female fainting episodes at Obama rallies. James Taranto’s “The Best of the Web Today” picks up this theme in a posting today.

“James Vicevich, a Connecticut radio talk show host, takes note of yet another creepy element of the Obama campaign.

It happened here in Hartford ….
Throughout the speech, Obama kept a close eye on the crowd. Upon hearing a small group begin chanting “We can’t wait” — a phrase Obama had just used — he pointed them out with an outstretched arm, and within seconds the entire arena was chanting the phrase in unison.
And when a woman appeared to faint in the standing-only VIP section in front of the podium, Obama paused his speech for over a minute as he directed the crowd to make way for an EMT team and tossed a bottle of water from the stage.

Update: Coincidence?:
Our morning show host Ray Dunaway pointed this out after sifting through DU. A little research and this is what I came up with. Coincidence? The Obama version of “crying”? Or am I just cynical (hard not to be these days)? There seems to be a trend at Obama rallies … women fainting. And interestingly enough the Senator responds the same way every time, almost as if … naah, couldn’t be.

The far left group Code Pink uses staged fainting as part of their bag of tricks.

Code Pink women activists are vehemently anti-war and claim to be the mothers, wives and daughters of the troops fighting in Iraq. Favorite tactics from the Code Pink bag of tricks include street theatrics, hunger strikes and staged fainting in Capitol Hill offices, and protests at campaign stops across the country — basically anything that gains media attention. They point to men as the cause of war and women as the solution. Their stated purpose is to end the “occupation in Iraq,” although their goals go beyond that. Their leadership and mission are rooted more in communist ideals than in moral objection to unjust war.

A hunger-striking Code Pink member who fainted in the office of Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) late last month will return to the Hart Senate Office Building Tuesday to resume her protest against Lieberman.

And finally; they faint for Obama but only “nearly faint” for Hillary Clinton.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — Rep. Nita Lowey was hospitalized in New
York City after nearly fainting at a suburban campaign rally for
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Be Prepared….

February 11, 2008

Be Prepared!
That’s the Hillary Marching Song, Be Prepared!,
So Buck up Boys, and Don’t be Scared,
With Hillary at the Helm We’re prepared,

To Battle With the Chinks Methinks is right,
But Chief Hillary says ’tis not nice to Fight.
“So what about Iran”, the Generals say?
“We’ll have to take those Bastards on Someday”,
“No, No”, replies our Gal in Chief.
“With those Mullah boys I have no Beef,
It’s Here at Home, o’er the Fruited Plain,
We lack Diversity, that’s our Shame.
But now that I have Smashed the Glass,
That Ceiling no longer bars a Lass,
From taking Command, of All the Land,
Bush is gone, Strike up the Band!”

So Boys, Don’t be Flustered, Don’t be Nervous,
Don’t be Scared,
But Be Prepared!

( a work in progress, apologies to Tom Lehrer, )
h/t Dave G

Ann Coulter at CPAC (not…well sort of)

February 9, 2008

Coulter was not invited to speak at CPAC this year because of her controversial comments about John Edwards last year. However, she did manage to get a large crowd in an adjoining venue where she held forth for almost an hour with her usual aplomb and, and arguably fading, brilliance. The video (53:25) from of her appearance is below. The mostly college age audience was understandably enthralled.…7-c9955af1a2e5

About half of the appearance was devoted to Q & A which enabled the questioners to really draw her out on her opinions i.e. will she really campaign for Hillary; would she vote for McCain if Romney was on the ticket, or alternatively, if Coburn was on the ticket; would she have voted for Giuliani (“Yes, but she would lie to her friends abut it”), and much more.

A friend in another forum replies:

“She’s become a caricature of herself. The informed, opinionated, and well-researched woman has become the Republican Banshee. I’ve no use for hysterics, and I’m someone who thinks Mark Levin is a thoughtful person. But Coulter just reminds me of the reactionist retreads like Roger L. Simon who has stated that anyone in opposition to McCain has “McCain Derangement Syndrome” – in reverse, of course. Well, these sophists can go and call each other names until they run out of clever invectives. In the meantime, there are actual thoughtful people who have walked the metaphorical trenches and done far more than write weekly columns, dedicated their fortunes and their sacred honor to a certain cause, such as John Bolton, who have made far more persuasive arguments than Coulter or Simon could ever hope to make in their wildest dreams. And then, of course, there are those who have dedicated their very lives. This civi, this sheep cannot fathom doing something that would deny them their victory after so much sacrifice on my and their country’s behalf. I am convinced McCain feels the same way. To Hell with Coulter and her Party-first approach. We’ll have ample time to sort out the messy details of party politics afterwards. It will take a bit more effort on the Conservative’s part to bring the Party back in line on certain issues. I don’t think that’s too high a price to pay.”

I pretty much agree, your comments are appreciated. I think as queen of the one liner she is running out of “zing”. In these crucial and dangerous times leading up to November she will continue to prowl the college circuit arousing the Young Republicans while the serious conservatives search for ways out of the abyss.

h/t Ampdead
Also see: Ace of Spades HQ

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Romney Suspends Campaign….

February 7, 2008

In a speech to be delivered at the CPAC meeting in Washington, Mitt Romney will announce that he is retiring from the field and will not continue his quest for nomination.
A.P. is reporting:

WASHINGTON (AP) – John McCain effectively sealed the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday as chief rival Mitt Romney suspended his faltering presidential campaign. “If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror,” Romney will say at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

Speech transcript here.

Excerpts below:

Our prosperity and security also depend on finally acting to become energy secure. Oil producing states like Russia and Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran are siphoning over $400 billion per year from our economy—that’s almost what we spend annually for defense. It is past time for us to invest in energy technology, nuclear power, clean coal, liquid coal, renewable sources and energy efficiency. America must never be held hostage by the likes of Putin, Chavez, and Ahmendinejad…..

Even though we face an uphill fight, I know that many in this room are fully behind my campaign.” You are with me all the way to the convention. Fight on, just like Ronald Reagan did in 1976. But there is an important difference from 1976: today… we are a nation at war ….

…. Barack and Hillary have made their intentions clear regarding Iraq and the war on terror. They would retreat and declare defeat. And the consequence of that would be devastating. It would mean attacks on America, launched from safe havens that make Afghanistan under the Taliban look like child’s play. About this, I have no doubt.

I disagree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, as you know. But I agree with him on doing whatever it takes to be successful in Iraq, on finding and executing Osama bin Laden, and on eliminating Al Qaeda and terror. If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.