Giuliani and His Cell Phone Manners

John Fund in the Wall Street Journal online yesterday presented a most disconcerting and disturbing account of Rudy Giuliani’s pattern of discourtesy by taking cell phone calls from his wife in the middle of speeches and campaign donor events. Giuliani’s explanations to his audiences when this occurs are very lame and cast doubt, I hate to say this, on the candidate’s mental soundness.

The fact is that people inside the Giuliani campaign are appalled at the number of times their candidate has felt compelled to interrupt public appearances to take calls from his wife. The estimate from those in a position to know is that he has taken such calls more than 40 times in the middle of speeches, conferences and presentations to large donors.“If it’s a stunt, it’s not one coming from him,” says one Giuliani staffer. “It’s an ongoing problem that he won’t take advice on.”

And in trying to explain his odd behavior, Mr. Giuliani has only dug himself in deeper. On Friday he told David Brody of CBN News that since 9/11, when he and Mrs. Giuliani get on a plane, “most of the time . . . we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other.” He admitted he had taken calls from his wife “before in engagements, and I didn’t realize it would create any kind of controversy.” That’s hardly possible. Giuliani staffers say he has been warned over and over again that the phone calls are rude and inappropriate and have alienated everyone from local officials to top donors to close friends. (emphasis added)

Source: Wall Street Journal

While we’re on the subject of cell phone manners, Peggy Noonan, also in the Wall Street Journal, had this to say about the wave of rudeness surrounding cell phones and other mobile devices:

Technology has not helped in this area. Cellphones are wonderful, but they empower the obnoxious and amplify the ignorant. Once they kept their thoughts to themselves. They had no choice. Now they have cellphones, into which they bark, “I’m on line at Duane Reade. Yeah. Ex-Lax.” Oh, thank you for sharing. How much less my life would be if I didn’t know.
BlackBerrys empower the obsessed.

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2 Responses to “Giuliani and His Cell Phone Manners”

  1. fuzzy_turtle Says:

    puh-lease.. it was scripted. Rudy just wants to show that at least ONE MEMBER of his family is Still talking to him.. his kids aren’t, and Donna hanover sure isn’t…!!!

  2. steadyjohn Says:

    Scripted or not my point was this is not fair to his audience and does make one question his judgment.

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