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Woody Guthrie Program: Global Woody 9/28

September 27, 2007

Wesleyan Ph.D candidate Jorge Arevalo Mateus is presenting a multi-media program entitled “Global Woody” at the Green Street Arts Center on Fri. Sept 28, 8PM. The Wesleyan Connection news site reports:

Global Woody will examine (Woody) Guthrie’s continuing influence through a multimedia presentation that contains music, film and rare archival material. Included in the presentation will be a live musical performance by Tao Rodriguez Seeger. Arévalo Mateus will also speak about the process of producing a historical recording of Woody Guthrie released Sept. 6.

Photo below is of Tao Rodriguez Seeger, Pete Seeger’s grandson. who will be performing at the event.

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More information about the recording at :

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